Los Alamos Little League Baseball & Softball

About Our Club

LOS ALAMOS LITTLE LEAGUE GOAL: Our goal is to provide children the opportunity to develop, both physically and socially, as well as learn skills specific to the game of baseball and softball. Little League is an excellent avenue to building self-esteem, introducing and improving teamwork, and allowing all children to have fun. Every child plays in every game in Little League.

LENGTH OF SEASON: Please note that regular season games will be played through the middle of June. If a player is picked for an All-Star team, the season will last (at least) through the middle of July.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Various start times and locations on weekdays and Saturdays for practices. 6:00pm start time for games played on weekday evenings. Games will be played at various times on Saturday mornings. No regular-season games are scheduled ...
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Mar 31,2014

Registration for Juniors/Seniors Softball is now OPEN!

Register now for Juniors/Seniors Softball.  Registration deadline is May 16th.

Feb 21,2014


Little League has amended its residency requirements to allow children to play in the local league whose boundaries where they attend school is located.  

Field Status

Open Open

Majors Baseball Field (12:35 PM | 03/31/14)

Open Open

Minors Baseball Field (12:35 PM | 03/31/14)

Open Open

Tball Field (12:36 PM | 03/31/14)

Open Open

Bun Ryan Softball Field (12:42 PM | 03/31/14)